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Why getting an annual service on your boiler matters

Your central heating system provides you and your family with the heating and hot water you need when you need it.

If you’ve ever experienced a central heating breakdown, you know the discomfort and inconvenience it can cause.

An annual boiler servicing means that a breakdown becomes a lot less likely.

According to Which?, boiler repairs are twice as likely for homeowners who get their boiler serviced every two to five years. Getting a problem with a boiler repaired often costs a lot more than the cost of three or four boiler services put together.

Your North East gas heating engineer will be very thorough. They’ll check to see that everything’s working OK from the heat exchanger to the combustion chamber. They’ll remove your boiler casing to measure gas pressure, operating pressure, heat input rates and more.

Getting your boiler serviced annually means:

  • lower energy bills,
  • your boiler will provide you with years of service and
  • your manufacturer warranty will still be valid (depending on how long it’s been since your central heating system was installed).

To book your fixed cost annual boiler service with one of our Gas Safe engineers, please call us on 07825 663350.

Need a one-off boiler service From £80.00?

If you had your boiler installed a long time ago and the manufacturer warranty is still valid, it’s still worth getting an annual service. It’s much cheaper to stop things from breaking than it is to repair them.

We do understand however that you may be considering replacing your boiler and that you want a one-off service to check how much life your current boiler has left in it.

With our one-off boiler service, we’ll let you know about any potential problems we find, how likely they are to go wrong and what it would cost you if it did go wrong.

We’ll leave you with a quote letting you know how much it would cost for us to bring your boiler up to its optimum performance for its age. We’ll also discuss with you what a new boiler for your home would cost.

You’ll have all the information to hand that you need to make the right decision.

To book a one-off boiler service with North East Gas, please call us on 07825 663350 or click on link


Our services covering upto 15 miles of Newcastle Upon Tyne. For over 15 miles call out minimum charge £60 applies.


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Servicing your boiler is more than making sure you have enough heat and hot water. It’s about keeping you and your family safe.

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Annual boiler servicing matters

Service your boiler every year to keep your manufacturer's warranty valid and to find and fix any issues which may affect performance.

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One-off boiler service for peace of mind

Perfect for homeowners whose boilers are showing signs of wear and who want their boilers serviced to extend their operating life.

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Emergency repairs needed?

Need a boiler repair? Let us send a Gas Safe registered heating engineer around now to diagnose your problem and fix your boiler.

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North East Gas Boiler Service FAQ

To keep your boiler running smoothly over 10 years or more, you should book an annual boiler service.

Your heating system works hard every day providing hot water and heating to your taps and radiators. In winter, the amount of strain put on central heating systems is even greater.

Gas Safe engineers make sure that every component within your boiler is working correctly. As your boiler gets older, the chances of individual components failing increase.

By spotting this early, those components can either be repaired or replaced. This means that your gas boiler will work for many more years and it will be so efficient that your gas bills stay low.

The first part of your boiler service will be a visual inspection. They will clean your gas boiler’s components and make any adjustments required to ensure optimal operation and efficiency.

Your engineer will also be able to inspect for any signs of damage to individual components and distress to the unit as a whole when it’s in operation.

Following that is a control check. Each control on your boiler will be checked to see that it’s functioning correctly. If a control is not working as expected, your home cover engineer will attempt to correct it on the spot.

The next step of your boiler service is to check both the combustion and flue releases. The flue is the pipe that goes from your boiler to the outside of your property. The layout, termination and the route taken will be checked as well as an inspection to make sure that there are no obstructions in the pipe.

Next, your boiler’s ignition pipes, flue ways, heat exchanger and main burner will be cleaned and checked for defects.

Following this, other components within your boiler are checked including electrical wiring connections, the operation of the flame sense device; the effectiveness of the flue mechanism, gas and pressure flow; heating controls, the high-limit thermostat, pilot burner, internal probes and cables, seals and safety devices.

The location of combustible materials is also examined in addition to whether there is adequate ventilation.

Your North East Gas engineer will then present you with a record of their inspection making note of both heat input level and boiler pressure level. Finally, they will make sure your boiler settings are the same as they were before they started their inspection.

Yes. Regular boiler servicing extends the lifetime of service your boiler can give you. Also, many manufacturers require you to get an annual boiler service as part of the guarantee they provide you on installation.

The longer you leave getting a boiler service, the more likely you are to need us to repair your boiler; the cost of a boiler repair can be many times more than the cost of boiler servicing.

All of the heating engineers we employ are Gas Safe registered engineers.

We provide our customers with fixed price gas boiler service quotes. Please let us know before we call around if there are any other gas appliances within your home that you want us to check or service.

Yes. As soon as we’ve finished your boiler service, we’ll update the manufacturer’s paperwork so that any existing guarantee you have with them remains valid.

Boiler manufacturers offer very long warranties to customers, but to keep those warranties valid; you have to have an annual boiler service. Many homeowners, landlords and business owners simply forget meaning that their boilers are no longer covered.

Gas boilers are manufactured to such a high standard that you should get at least 10 years’ use from them. If your manufacturer warranty is no longer valid, our heating engineers, all of whom are on the Gas Safe Register, will inspect your boiler to make sure that it’s working as efficiently as possible.

Your North East Gas engineer may spot issues with your boiler which they can fix and when your boiler’s fixed. You’ll benefit from lower gas bills and potentially get many more years’ use from your boiler.

We recommend that you check any existing heating cover or boiler cover packages you have taken out to see if they’ll pay for your boiler repairs before you get in touch with us directly. In most cases, your central heating breakdown cover will meet any expenses involved in repairing your boiler.

When you had your boiler installed, you would have received a guarantee lasting a number of years from your manufacturer. This normally covers the cost of replacement boiler parts as well as labour. In most cases, manufacturers require you to have an annual boiler service. If you don’t, this may void your warranty and you’ll have to pay all costs associated with boiler breakdowns.

In most cases, no. We’re able to fix most boilers on our first visit although, occasionally, we may need to source parts before we can complete the work.

Most modern boilers will provide ten or more years of service. If the cost of fixing the problems which caused your boiler breakdown is particularly high and particularly if the chances of your boiler breaking again are high, we may recommend that you install a brand new boiler.

North East Gas offers fixed fee boiler installation to homeowners, landlords and businesses across Newcastle, North Tyneside, Gateshead, South Tyneside, Northumberland, Wearside and Durham.

If you do need a new boiler, we’re able to offer finance to both existing and new customers, sometimes interest-free. Please note that we are not a lender, we are a broker. All lenders on our panel are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What our customers think

Nafis BrojerdianNafis Brojerdian
13:27 08 Jan 22
Used for a boiler service. All our questions were answered and we were given honest and professional advice. Will be using this company again and highly recommend it to others.
Adam LincolnAdam Lincoln
13:25 06 Dec 21
Great service. Little confused by the type of cooker I purchased being and electricity and gas mix. Called the company quick response same day appointment and quick install. All the relevant certificates completed. Price was higher than quoted however this was more than fair as I was shown why and was able to understand I didn't feel like it was an extra cost for the sake of it which seems more common these days.Overall great service would use again without looking around due to the efficiency in which this was done and would definitely recommend
Hayley VaughanHayley Vaughan
13:16 09 Nov 21
Really impressed with the service provided! Called out on Monday as we had no heating or hot water, issue was quickly identified and a new boiler was fitted the following day. The guys were quick, tidy, and equipment was fitted to a high standard. Highly recommend!!!
Daniel ParsonsDaniel Parsons
14:56 20 Oct 21
I used North East Gas about 6 months ago to fix my boiler that had an issue with a part that had reached its end of life. The engineer is highly professional, honest in his appraisal of the faults and always recommends the most cost effective solution. His charges are highly competitive in comparison to other similar companies and genuinely only charges for what is needed.Boiler started showing signs of failure about a week ago and booked North East Gas to have a look at it. Inspection was carried out yesterday and we discussed the best course of action. Due to the age of the boiler (13 years old) and the size of the issue a new boiler was recommended. The new boiler was fitted this morning, less than 24 hours after inspecting the initial fault. The installation process was seamless and took about 4hrs. I received contact updates on the progress and at the end had a comprehensive run through of the new boiler. The installation and warranty was registered with the manufacturer (Baxi) so I didn't have any of that hassle. I am extremely impressed with the timely, professional and helpful service provided and highly recommend North East Gas to everyone!
Ryan LowtherRyan Lowther
13:44 25 Sep 21
Urgently needed a repair for a broken boiler that was unused for a long time. Came promptly to take a detailed look and provided excellent suggestions. Installed a brand new boiler as it was not worth to repair the old one, with the job being done professionally. Definitely recommend for simple jobs or a full installation of a new boiler. Thanks for the quick help and I can now have a peace of mind with my new boiler.


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